Past Tutorials

1st December Quarterley Meeting and Christmas Party

Lengthy and light hearted discussion at the meeting covered the next Annual Exhibition and much more.  Decisions about most 2016 tutorials were made – see Tutorials / Events.  After our fun party we constructed a Christmas Tree for the school students.

A Happy Group

Linnea’s idea. A tree for the children at the school

17th Nov 2018 Jasmine O’Shea Watercolor Tutorial.

Washes and exersizes with simple detail were painted, then landscapes more about getting relaxed with water colour.




20th Oct 2018 Christine Reed Acrylic Landscapes

Christine uses acrylics and bigger brushes.  We all came with photos & sketches for landscape ideas.  Christine is a member of the Lennox Art Collective

15th September  June King  Floral Portraits  in Watercolour

Getting pleasing floral portraits was achieved by all artist thanks to the experienced tuition June provided.  An instructive workshop on how to achieve the subtle tonal graduations on petals and leaves.  Wonderful to have visitors from the Casino Art Group attend


21st July Margaret E Brown – Pastel Portraits

We looked at proportions and angles of faces.  Time was spent charcoal sketching all the many variations.  Margaret then got us to draw our example of a face and helped  us. She stressed we paid attention to tonal aspects of the face.  The interesting and most valuable time spent on proportions and tone left little time for colour and pastel use but that was not a problem as we all learnt valuable lessons for portraits.


16th June Plein Air Day at Lismore Botanical Gardens

A beautiful sunny day to be outside and paint. All of us chose different locations & subjects. 

Kay’s mobile easel

A good representation

Janet getting tones correct in charcoal









19th May – Harry Westera Water Colour Landscapes

Another wonderful day with Harry as the tutor.  He just teaches and inspires all.

 21st April – Rene Bolten Still Life

Rene discussed the concept of still life after a commendable effort on his part setting up many different subjects to paint.  Resulting works by all eleven members were excellent.  We all learnt a great deal and enjoyed the day

Potatoes Still Life Set Up

Working on it. Rene 2nd from left

Margaret gave detailed advice on materials, techniques and interesting tips on the use of pastels from her extensive experience.  It was challenging but very informative event.  All members who attended did pastel works of their choice with Margaret giving helpful advice.  Her talent using pastels as the example below from her archived works shows.

Tim’s enthusiasm for native plants was palpable and his knowledge of nature extensive, showing us the hidden details via a microscope. His background in once working for Hanna Barbara continuing to drawing then paint on acetate cute. All 11 of us got down to botanic art work of samples we brought. A very enjoyable and satisfying day.



18 November 2017 Palette Knife Painting

Janet Hassall demonstrated the use of a palette knife, see Clown below before it was finished . She showed us some examples of her work to inspire us. We tried portraits and landscapes in acrylics.  Lots of fun experimenting with palette knives.

Abstract Landscape Kay Knight 21 October 2017

All eleven of us imagined in abstract links with nature  & landscape and painted.  Many and varied results were colourfully achieved.  Kay painted too in her abstract image.


Maryanne Shea 16th September

Maryanne spoke of the way she approaches her landscapes with her plein air drawing first, a color studies follow before a completed work.

Maryanne then showed us some of her Landscape studies. After which we executed our own landscapes.


20 May 2017 Tones with Margaret Brown 

Margaret expertly explained the importance of tone.  It can create the illusion of distance, form, texture, light and mood.  Tone is commonly not given enough importance when painting.  Colour mixing was also demonstrated by Margaret using the 3 base colours.

 Water Colour with Harry Westera 29 April 2017

Harry helped us with water color portraits and figures.  He demonstrated with Neutral Tone paint, a 3/4 lighting view of a head. Then a portrait of Grace, using color. Lastly the biker to show how to paint a full figure. See below 


 Harry Westera  Drawing Techniques 18 March 2017

Harry began drawing quick sketches as shown in the photo below and continued demonstrating drawing techniques.

Free Day 18 February 2017

Visitors and members looked at drawings and paintings done at home in January and earlier. Each was examined in a relaxed inquisitive atmosphere. An excellent instructive DVD was watched and inspired all.  During the day 7 newcomers and 8 members painted their own work and got ideas from others.  A successful and enjoyable day.

Maria Heaton Buildings in a Street Scene in Acrylics  19 November 2016

A really enjoyable and productive day, as the results demonstrate.  Maria tutored us well.  Linnea could not miss the painting despite having been discharged from hospital the day before.  Glenda even made an appearance after a long absence in the NT


A Grafton Street


Terry Wilkinson Landscape Pastels 15th October 2016


Terry was a great tutor and the day was wonderful.   A really enjoyable day was had by all and great works created

Janet Hassall Indian ink with found objects from nature.  17th September 2016

All 11 of us that attended found that spraying natural material, as a stencil base, was a launching pad for works.  Using indian ink, gouche, pens and water colour paints so many opportunities to create interesting work arose.  Examples of Janet’s work are below


 Plein Air Lismore Botanic Gardens 20th August 2016

Many subjects to sketch or paint were found and Janet Hassall painted this rainforest scene. Some of us enjoyed a tour of the recycling plant, a market and botanical society stalls.

P1040604 #

Margaret E Brown Water Colour Florals 18th June 2016

We painted realistic paintings of flowers set in a loose background after sketching the layout, masking the flower(s) silhouette and creating a ‘loose’ background.  It was a challenging but satisfying exercise to learn a new technique and well tutored by Margaret.


Barb Suttie ‘Reflections and Shadows’21st May 2016

A great workshop was held by Barb Suttie, she demonstrated, how to select a photo with regard to layout, told of the importance rough outline and undertone. etc.Thankyou Barb.20160521_114042 (Small) 20160521_095531 (Small)


 Rene’  Bolten 16th April 2016 Paradigm’ No2

The session continued for some to complete our collaborative piece.  We then moved on to paint the overall image each visioned of the composite collaborative piece, on A3 panels as below.  Rene’ was, as always, encouraging, entertaining, and helpful.

Each vision of the total paradigm #

 Rene’  Bolten 19th March 2016

Rene’ Bolten’s tutorial was a series of postcard size pieces of work coming together to form a collaborative panel, that we hope will be able to be at our annual Exhibition.

Plein Air Day CLUNES 20 February 2016

Landscapes, garden and more were painted & sketched.  16 members enjoyed doing their art, chatting and enjoying the location

P1040102 # P1040100 #

Plein Air and DVD Art Lesson/ Project 16 January 2016

We all painted our own thing with great diversity between subjects and styles.  Also parts of 2 DVDs were viewed containing interesting content, ideas and skills that all felt were very well presented.