Past Tutorials

Katka Adams 18 June 2022 Drawing with Pastels

Katka demonstrated how to draw an Autumn leaf using pastels. The various colours were combined and smudge resulting in a lovely image. We then set up a still life to draw.

Katka explained that we should focus on tone, the observation of light and dark, modelling, and creating space around objects. Our compositions can be seen below. A very enjoyable and satisfying day. Most of us had not used pastels but were surprised and happy with our work.

Harry Westera 21 May 2022 Watercolour ‘Bright & Fresh’

Steven Giese 23 April 2022

DYNAMIC COMPOSITIONS for landscape painting
– The heritage of landscape painting
Discussion: Formal issues associated with this subject:
Exercise and Demonstration:
Drawing Activity:

Steven Giese is a much loved local artist and has made an enormous contribution
to the area, both as an artist and as a teacher at the Lismore TAFE.

Brett Belot 9am on 19th February 2022 Portraits – Serpentine Gallery 104 Conway Street Lismore.  It is the first time we have held a tutorial at Serpentine Gallery. Bret talked about working through various exercises, such as eyes, noses and mouths, to create portraits.  We all created a portrait from a photograph that Bret supplied.

Steven Giese November


The Finished Paintings

The heritage of figure in landscape; European heritage, Breughel, Picasso, Sidney Nolan, Euan Mcleod and others. – Formal issues associated with this subject: drawing the human form, vertical and horizontal planes, shadows and perspective.