Past Tutorials


Katka Adams

Katka demonstrated how to use pastels focusing on tone.

Kay McCheyne 19th June Acrylic pouring

Acrylic Pouring was fun! You are never really quite sure how your painting will turn out. And that’s the fun part. What you can control is the colors you use. It was Friendly Fun Day we experimented with Free Flowing acrylic paint.

Saturday 15th May Rene Bolten Still life

Rene set up 4 different Still Life settings enclosed in cardboard sides & top except the front. He requested we loosely sketched a chosen settings and approached it with fluidity. At morning break he showed us slides of some of his impressive paintings of simple inspirational still life fruit, flowers and a teacup & saucer, mostly in oils. We then continued with our paintings and later with a light within the setting was used to enhance tone and shadows. A most enjoyable day and experience with fluidity.

Saturday April 17th Hobie Porter Colour and Tonal Mixing for Landscapes

Hobie demonstrated some of his techniques & his special method of colour mixing which gives his work such unique individual appeal.   His method of colour mixing in oil on a palette creating 9 grey colours, and the tone of each, was watched intently. So much was learnt from it. Any colour or medium can be used. We watched Hobie painting a coastal scene applying a very careful technique of color and tone to match a photoshop image on his laptop plus his painting subject. After lunch we painted our own landscape scenes trying to apply the same colour mixing and tonal techniques he had taught us. He uses a limited palette of titanium white, cadmium yellow deep, cadmium yellow light, cadmium red light, quinacriddone magnenta, burnt umber, ultramarine blue, pthalo blue, pthalo green.

20th March 2020 Harry Westera Free Flowing Watercolour

20th February 2020 Kay’s Acrylic Pouring

21st November 2020 Christine Read Still Life Flowers in Acrylic

A record of plein art on travels or during daily events is good practice and a lovely diary. You can remember particular scenes and the memory of where you painted can be imprinted in your brain. Christine explained she uses this diary to recall situations where she painted or sketched. We were all encouraged to keep an art diary.

Christine demonstrated Contemporary Style of still life of flowers in a teapot using acrylics .

17th September 2020 Harry Westera Simplicity & Tone

Harry demonstrated landscapes & flower paintings which all 14 of us then tried. The concept of painting a simple scene treating objects as shapes rather than real things was very interesting. Tones were dark, medium and light. If those principles were used then the basis of a painting was formed and details could then be added.

20th September 2020 Plein Air Day at Bentley

16th November 2019 Penelope Gilbert Ng Pastel Landscape

Photo of Subject
Penelpe’s Finished Pastel