Lismore Art Club Tutorials


Tutorials are held on the third Saturday of the month. Doors open at 8.30am to set up ready for a 9:00am start, through to 3:00pm Bring your own lunch, morning tea, drinks, a small table, easel, appropriate art supplies.  The cost of each tutorial/workshop is $25 for the day for members and $30 for visitors/non-members.  ALL WELCOME

Brett Belot 19th February 2022 Portraits Location to be advised

DRAWING MATERIALS – easel, drawing board, drawing paper, kneadable rubber, bulldog clips or similar, Graphite Pencils 2B, 4B, 6B, charcoal. Cotton buds, cotton balls, blending stump, ruler.

PAINTING MATERIALS – 40cm x 30cm Canvas or canvas board. Oil / Acrylic paints (blue, yellow, red, white, brown.. bring what you have) Oil / Acrylic painting medium, No 2 & 4 Flat/Filbert (other favourite brushes), Jar, Palette, Palette knife, Rags, paper towel, odourless solvent, blue tac / Bulldog clips

Brett will bring graphite pencils, blending stumps and some other blending materials, the image we will work from, rulers for gridding, electric erasers, brushes for blending.

I will supply each participant with a workbook which they get to take home, we will talk about and work through various exercises to create our portraits.  Each portrait is created from a photograph that I supply to the participants. 

Steven Giese 20th November Figures in a Landscape

Steven is a lecturer at TAFE. so is well acquainted with students. Any medium is acceptable. Bring your own photograph

Introduction:The heritage of figure in landscape; European heritage, Breughel, Picasso, Sidney Nolan, Euan Mcleod and others. – Formal issues associated with this subject: drawing the human form, vertical and horizontal planes, shadows and perspective.

Russell Drysdale: The Drover’s Wife 1945

Demonstration: Drawing and painting the human figure…essential shapes, shadows on the figure, using scale to create space. The landscape; creating real space and flattened space.  

Drawing Activity: Produce a few sketches to workout formal issues (30 minutes)

Painting: Develop a painting based on the figure in landscape. Work on this for the rest of the day and try to complete it in one sitting.

Please bring: A sketchbook and graphite, painting materials (acrylic, pastel or oil), a surface to paint on…rags, containers, palettes and gloves. Research: Please bring images of a figure in a landscape that you would like to paint.

It is suggested you look at a Utube by Steven Giese NR Artist. Also refer to paintings by Russel Drysdale and in particular the oneabove that may give you some inspiration or ideas for your painting. Further ideas and how to draw figures can be found by looking a paintings and Utubes by Ian Roberts painter