Meg K Nielsen

Painting & drawing have always been part of my life. When I wasn’t roaming the countryside, that’s how I spent my free time. Most of my family were artists of one persuasion or another so I had plenty of guidance & inspiration. On leaving school it was natural that I go on to art college where I studied fine art, followed by a year silversmithing.

Born into rural Britain, the dappled mossy woodlands, misty valleys & secluded coves & cliffs were my world. I always felt a deep sense of being part of the land… of being at home in the countryside.

When I came to Australia some 40 years ago, although the look, sounds & feel of the landscape are so very different, I still felt that strong sense of connection with nature, of belonging.

Winning the Jack MacDonagh Award for painting in 1983 gave me the opportunity to study under Robert Wilson at Mitchell College, Bathurst, learning to see & capture the subtle differences in light & foliage.

This connection with environment is one of the things I try to share through my work. To see, to feel beyond the obvious perception; suggest a kinship with nature; capture a certain light or mood; touch the heart…..and if it’s quirky, so much the better!

I mostly work in oils or pastels but still enjoy drawing with various mediums & occasionally revisit sculpture & casting.

I also exhibit with other artists & groups around Australia & have work in private collections in Australia, the UK, Brittany & USA.

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Art works by Meg K Nielsen from the Lismore Art Club