Past Tutorials


Angela Parr: Wildlife Art Class. 15th June 2024 We learnt how to achieve those tricky bit Fur and Eyes.

Steven Giese: ‘Social Commentary on Ecology’18th May, 2024

Overview of environmental art from late stone age, Romantic painting, Australian art to the contemporary
Focus on plants – How to draw and paint them.
Focus on animals – How to draw them and paint them.
Major work: a study of a plant or animal in the medium of your choice. Identify a  plant or animal that has  either symbolic environmental significance or might be endangered or even extinct.

Katka Adams: ‘Still Life with White Object’

Date: 20th April, 2024

Spanish Cream By Katka Adams copy-rite

16th March 2024 Abstract Painting and Drawing with Dianne Ingram

17 February 2024 Cyanotype with Jeht Burgoyne

A cyanotype is effectively a blueprint.

During this session we were guided on how to print fauna and other objects to be silhouetted on to paper, how to bleach and tone your images and add to them with watercolour and drawing.

November 18th 2023.

The verandah of Flourish gallery.
The Lismore Station
The duck pond or Still life at studio 2 Flourish gallery. 

October 21st 2023   Christine Porter  Plein air,  walk, draw, paint. Lismore Walk in the park.

1 how to paint trees,
2 how to deal with moving things, and
3 how to draw buildings accurately.


September 16th Katka Adams subject “Feathered Friends” . We all had a fabulous day painting birds.

August 19th Tutorial with   Barb Suttie subject “Reflections”

July 15th      Harry Westera

subject Florals. “Light and shade

The Club supplied some fresh flowers, and Harry did many Floral still life’s for us, he supplied images, for us to paint. Harry is a popular artist and Teacher. He has a highly refined sense of color and places a very strong use of tone to create realism. Harry’s has an easy to follow teaching process is helpful and friendly.

2023 Rene Bolten We thanked our Patron Rene for his many years of supporting the Lismore Art Club at his last tutorial on the 17th June 2023. We enjoyed doing a still life of his kitchen materials.

20th May 2023 Maria Heaton Landscape tutorial.

Steven Giese 15 April 2023 The Dressed Human figure
DISCUSSION OF TERMS: Tone, proportion, accuracy, simplification, tone masses, tone rhythm.

Brett Belot 18th March 2023 oil painting in monochrome

Jeht Burgoyne 18th February 2023 Lino Cutting

Barb Suttie 19th November 2022 Clouds