The Tutorial officer Anne Knee, has organized the following tutors scroll down to see the exciting things coming up for this year

Harry Westera: ‘Fog and Mist in the Landscape

Date: 20th July, 2024

Venue: Flourish Gallery, Studio 1, 15 Casino St South Lismore

Harry’s visual Art tutorial is titled ” Fog and mist in the Landscape”. Participants can choose what paper they have or are familiar with. Harry will probably draw in a sketchbook and/or small sheets of watercolour paper. 

He will use his watercolour set but your usual mediums can be used. Participants can work from my demo and photos or bring their own images.


The following materials are suggestions only. Bring any equipment you prefer. 

    • Paper: I use 300g rough, Arches or Saunders watercolour paper.  Masking tape if using loose sheets.

–  A ’block’ of watercolour paper might be more convenient • Brushes: A few ‘round’ brushes that come to a point.

Maybe 2 brushes medium sized brushes (not tiny or small!)

 •White masking tape

    • Watercolour paints: any artist quality brand

For this tutorial I will probably mostly use: Raw Sienna, a Brown (eg Burnt Sienna, Sepia or Umber) Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin. Add to this any other colours you have.”

Harry’s easy to follow teaching process is helpful and friendly.

Christine Porter: ‘Plein air at the Lismore Show grounds

Date: 17th August, 2024

24 August 2024 Lismore Art Club 1/4 Meeting at Kay’s Home details email

6th September -27th September 64th Annual Exhibition                                            Flourish gallery 15 Casino st South Lismore. 2480

Maria Heaton: ‘Soft Edges’  Bring your Art with a view to enhance your work or any piece you would like help with.

Date:19th October, 2024

Christine Read: ‘Native Flora’

Date 16th November

Fun Free Greeting Card painting days for LAC

Most Friday mornings 10am to 12 noon.( not on the Friday before tutorials or Quarterly Meetings.)

Bring your materials e.g. paint,  brushes

The Club will supply blank cards for you to paint on…some people prefer to bring their own watercolor paper to use. The idea is we create greeting cards ( good to practice our painting skills) to promote and make a bit of money for the Club, as they are sold at our annual Exhibition and at Sheila Turner’s Framing shop, The Strand Arcade. Molesworth St Lismore. This is a free event. Have fun, chat, and paint. All Members welcome at Kay’s home.

Inquiries please contact the Lismore Art Club via email or phone Linnea on: 0266 24 1618